Wiz Connected light Smart Lighting
Wiz Connected Light The Ultimate Light Experience

As the Lighting Industry continues to expand at an unprecedented rate and technological advances become smarter, it was only a matter of time before the two become inextricable linked. Therefore, KSR Lighting are proud to be joining the world of Smart Lighting. We’re excited to announce our newest venture as we collaborate with WiZ Connected to bring you KSR WiZ Connected Lighting.

Each KSR WiZ light has their own chip that connects to WiFi for smarter automation for reliability, up-to-date preferences and without the need to connect to a hub.

Control your KSR WiZ lighting from any location on your phone via the Control App. As long as you have internet connection you have switch your lighting to suit, even on holiday!

Wiz Connected Lighting The Ultimate Lighting Control App

The heart of the WiZ Connected system is the App which is easy to use and is available to download from the App Store or Google Play for use on a multitude of devices. The App is a professional grade lighting control system. Standing out from other lighting control apps with its scalability; it can effortlessly manage hundreds of lights in multiple locations. The App will guide you through pairing your luminaires, then how to control, group, schedule and set scenes. 

Multiple homes: 

• Auto-swap based on the WiFi network you are connected too 

Multiple user management/sharing: 

• Owner: Remote access to all settings and lights from anywhere (e.g. 4G wireless, etc) 

• Guest: Local access to light (WiFi only) 

• Temporary guest: expiration date for local access 


• Easy grouping, simply pick the lights in the room you want grouped then drag and drop them Advance light settings: 

• Default intensity 

• Fade-in/Fade-out times

Wiz Connected Lighting Dynamic Light Scenes

Active schedules

• Per light mode (including brightness change) and per room 

• With a beginning and an end (which can revert back to the previous mode) 

Scheduled pre-sets 

• With between 2 and 5 phases that can be customised by the user 

• Background schedules that can be triggered by voice, IFTTT-like event (e.g. geofencing) etc. 

• Well-being meets energy saving (dimming preference) 

Quick light control

• The widget lets you control your lights even when you haven’t unlocked your phone 

Night light mode: 

• One button touch to turn on a low powered night light mode

All On/Off: 

• Just hold the On or Off button on a lamp and you get the option to turn on or off all the WiZ Connected lights in your home 


• The App interface and FAQ are available in 7 languages - English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Russian 

Chat support: • 24/7 support is available directly from the App

Vacation mode

• Simple scheduled events to simulate presence in the morning and evening while you are not there, automatically disabling your scheduled events enabled/disabled by the flick of a switch

KSR Lighting WiZ Connected Downliaghts

Using the single colour LED strip you can control the dimming and turn on/off either manually or why not set scenes or automatic dimming. For example, LED strip used in a bedroom can be programmed to come on at a low level just before your alarm goes off and gradually brighten as you wake, allowing you to wake up gradually and naturally or set a dimming scene to help you relax and start settling into your sleep routine.

KSR Lighting - WiZ Connected Cloud


KSR Lighting take security very seriously, which is another reason we have partnered with WiZ Connected. All our WiZ enabled luminaires and controllers offer the very latest in security features. 

 The infrastructure is to banking level including: 

  • Protection from DDoS attacks 
  • Encrypted traffic using HTTPS/TLS 1.2 
  • Monitored 24/7 with alerts and escalation paths 

 Anonymous sign-in for pairing: 

  •  iCloud 
  • Google
  • Facebook 

 With TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud connection and 0Auth 2.0 API authentication, WiZ / KSR puts your privacy and security at the core of its system. Automatic and transparent firmware updates 'over the air' help to keep your lights constantly up-to-date with the latest features and security upgrades. Each WiZ enabled lights use unique rotating credentials, which makes them more difficult to hack the system using a bridge.  

KSR Retroconnector

The KSR Retroconnector is suitable to convert an existing installation to become smarter. By placing the KSR Retroconnector in between the switch and existing luminaires (up to a maximum load of 500W) you can easily convert fittings already in place to smart lighting!

The KSR Retroconnector is user defined at install to become any of the following:

Relay - For non-dimmable products (e.g fluorescent tubes). Can be configured as a simple ON/OFF relay.

Triac - For phase dimmable products (halogen lamps, incandescent lamps, most LED drivers). Providing leading edge phase dimming.

0/10V - For products behind a 0/10V LED driver. Providing 0/10V output to control LED driver dimming.

1/10V - For products behind a 1/10V LED driver. Providing 1/10V output to control LED driver dimming, as well as mains output relay for control over the mains to turn off the driver completely.

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